Which company is in the best position to become the leader in the industrial IoT space? As has always been the case when a new technology-driven marketplace emerges, the playing field once again becomes level. This means that the upstarts have as good a chance to take the pole position in this market as the incumbents do. While Amazon, Microsoft and Google are the incumbents that naturally come to mind when it comes to industrial strength IoT solutions, the question is – are they nimble and agile enough to shift resources to serve new marketplace needs? Or, will companies born of this new era of industrial IoT seize the leadership role?  The following article provides a good view of the current landscape, and what the future of the industrial IoT marketplace might look like in the not so distant future.

Advertising giants like Google and Facebook dominated the first two decades of the digital revolution though they are now being challenged by global ecommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba.

But will their economic impact be eclipsed by what comes next – the industrial internet? Four years ago we first reported on the plans by industrial mega-vendors to recalibrate their businesses with software at the core.

But GE’s decision to reportedly sell off its digital business (GE Digital) suggests the shift will be fraught.

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