At IoT Sources our primary goal is to help organizations and business technology professionals put the IoT to work.  Quite often, our efforts show up in the form of use cases and real world IoT-driven applications.  There are times though, when we feel it is our responsibility to call attention to things our community may not be thinking about otherwise.  This is the case with today’s POV post.

 It is common knowledge that security is an ongoing effort of paramount importance in the business to business space.  But what about product and service liability, when machines are communicating with other machines without any human intervention?  Who becomes liable when damages are incurred by a second or third party as a result of a device or end point malfunction?  Every business carries insurance and has teams of people who are constantly on the lookout to mitigate risk.  So while we hear a lot about cybersecurity and privacy concerns, who is thinking about the impact of IoT-based products and services on civil liability?  The following article raises potentially important issues that we might want to start thinking about, if we haven’t already begun doing so.

Product liability could look very different in the future once the Internet of Things (IoT) connects a variety of insured household and business products, Clyde and Company litigator Prachi Shah told Canadian Underwriter Friday.

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