Michael Dell is making a big bet.  A billion dollar bet at that.  If he is right, and some of say he will be, this investment could be just what the IoT marketplace has been waiting for.  The company recently announced a bevy of IoT product and services initiatives that they have in the works.  The focus of these offerings would imply that Dell EMC is looking to take a leadership position in the edge computing space.  This would give them suite of solutions that would provide a powerful engine for driving business intelligence.

Many of these solutions are in various stages of development. One solution, Project Nautilus, is specifically geared toward optimizing computing at the edge.  This software is being designed and deployed to absorb and query large amounts of real-time data from IoT gateways.  Other Dell EMC solutions in development include Project Fire, which is a hyper-converged offering from VMware that speeds up the rollout of IoT applications   Project IRIS will provide security for edge processed analytics and is being driven by their RSA team.  Dell also said they were establishing an IoT services offering that would identify key business uses for IoT-generated data called IoT Vision Workshop.  

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