Late last year, Microsoft announced that they were making a $5 billion investment in the IoT. Since that time they have been busy adding and enhancing key features on IoT Central and Azure Sphere. With Azure Sphere they are readying the services for more general customer usage. They also recently introduced a strategic partnership with AccuWeather and Azure Maps. The following article offers a really good glimpse into what Microsoft is doing in these areas via an in-depth interview with Sam George, CVP of Azure IoT.

Microsoft recently made several announcements during the IoT Solutions World Congress, including the following new capabilities on IoT Central, its fully managed IoT app platform:

  • White labeling, the ability to customize it to the customer’s identity and look.
  • API Support, extending IoT Central and integrating it with other solutions.
  • IoT Plug and Play, for easy device connectivity.
  • Multitenancy Support, to build applications with multiple tenants, each with its own data.
  • New, Two-Tier Pricing Model, available early 2020, designed to help customers to have predictable pricing as they scale their IoT applications.

Additionally, Microsoft is announcing new features on Azure Maps, including geospatial weather intelligence in partnership with AccuWeather, and the availability of Azure RTOS to enable Express Logic’s ThreadX to run on billions of existing microcontrollers.

To know more about these and other IoT-related news from Microsoft, we sat down with Sam George, CVP of Azure IoT.

Read or view the video of the interview on IoT Times


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