MIT thinks there’s enough general concern surrounding Artificial Intelligence to create a label for it called machine behaviour. Accordingly, MIT researchers have created a field of study dedicated to how AI develops and interacts with the human elements of our society. This study will evaluate how AI algorithms affect humans and the environment around us. In turn, the study examines how the environment impacts AI algorithms. The following article takes an in depth look at how the study will be conducted and what some the expectations are.  

Now we know what to call it, that vast, disturbing collection of worries about artificial intelligence and the myriad of threats we imagine, from machine bias to lost jobs to Terminator-like robots: “Machine behaviour.”

That’s the term that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab have proposed for a new kind of interdisciplinary field of study to figure out how AI evolves, and what it means for humans. (They use the British spelling, as this is a European journal.)

The stakes are high because there is lots of potential for human ability to be amplified by algorithms, but also lots of peril.

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