A recent IoT survey conducted by Microsoft revealed that 88 percent of the business owners see IoT technology as critical to their future success. On the flip side though, nearly half of them cited a lack of skilled workers to build IoT solutions as a hurdle to embracing the technology. As a result, Microsoft is continuing to invest billions of dollars into making simplicity and accessibility a focal point of their IoT efforts.  The article that follows digs in to some of Microsoft’s specific IoT-based tools and services, and how they can assist in aiding IoT project execution.

Microsoft today announced a series of new Internet of Things tools and features to make it easier for customers to build connected devices and run them on the tech giant’s cloud platform.

The uniting theme behind the new features is to make IoT, a futuristic but challenging technology, more accessible. IoT has reached a tipping point, with more mainstream customers flocking to the technology, Sam George, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Azure IoT, said in a briefing with reporters.

“You’ve seen a bunch of innovators and early adopters picking up IoT,” George said. “And what we see is that now many of the early majority customers are starting to show up. And the conversations that we have with the early majority customers are much different than we had with the innovators.”

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