C3 is a company best known for providing software that gets their customer’s data into the cloud, along with tools to then analyze the data. Some C3 customers have been finding it difficult to use the data to build new applications. To remedy this, C3 has been required to provide additional consulting services. This week, however, they introduced a new platform that makes it easier for developers to take their data and build models from it to fully deploy applications. This new platform enables customers to do all of this without having an extensive knowledge of programming. The article below takes a deeper look into how this new platform can help their end user customers.

C3 launched its Integrated Development Studio, a low-code platform to enable developers to build applications for its AI Suite.

The effort is a way to make it easier to deploy enterprise-wide models, machine learning and artificial intelligence across multiple clouds. C3 has been one of the forerunners in industrial Internet of things deployments across utilities and large enterprises.

C3 said its Integrated Development Studio, or IDS, is integrated with its C3 AI Suite. IDS includes data ingestion, data modeling, machine learning engineering, model management and an interface that leverages metadata and drag-and-drop integrations.

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