With the announcement of The Oracle/Mitsubishi Electric Platform, manufacturing application vendors should start lining up to begin developing on the platform.  This platform allows them to now create manufacturing applications for all types of factory operations. This includes their ability to connect the platform to industrial networks to collect data from diverse devices and production equipment. The cloud-connected platform enables the linking of manufacturing sites with cloud vendors’ own cloud-supported manufacturing-optimization services.  They can now also optimize services for supply chains, administration of multiple factories globally, along with numerous other applications.  This is clearly a service offering that will fuel organizations’ drive to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0.

Oracle today announced its collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for smart manufacturing. With Oracle Cloud, Mitsubishi Electric developed its new FA-IT Open Platform for factory automation. Using edge computing between devices and business applications, the new platform enables the rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of data at production site.

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