Utah Company Announces IoT In-a-Box Solution

Monnit recently announced the availability of their new iMonnit Enterprise Appliance for companies that want the added features and benefits of running an on-premises, dedicated version of their iMonnit Internet of Things software platform.  This new offering is a stand-alone solution that does not require an existing server environment.  Additionally, it eliminates the need for configuring an existing server to work as an IoT optimized system. The company claims that their new iMonnit Enterprise Appliance is a ready-to-use Internet of Things software and database solution that comes pre-installed and pre-configured on an optimized personal computer.  This solution could be key for organizations that have strict policies on external data communications. 

Monnit Releases iMonnit Enterprise Appliance – Internet of Things Software Solution In-A-Box

Read the announcement on Business Wire

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