It has become increasingly more difficult to find, vet and curate meaningful IoT-based content that can help the IoT innovator and early adopter community put the IoT to work.  In my opinion this speaks to the fact that while developing a strategy is relatively easy, actually executing on the strategy is another story altogether.  Hence, this is why at IoT Sources we do our best to filter and present real world deployments.  While we generally avoid random predictions, we do find that trends published by credible sources can be very worthwhile to bring to the forefront.  The following article does an excellent job of this and provides one of the more accurate views of where the marketplace is heading – and why.

In November, in a dive into what is driving enterprise interest into the Internet of Things we found that, for the moment at least, enterprises are still wrestling with the problems the IoT poses rather than harvesting the benefits that it offers. There is nothing unusual in this given that the IoT is still a relatively new phenomena and there are considerable — and justified — security fears dominating enterprise strategies around the IoT.

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