The newest estimates of IoT market value are in and the numbers keep climbing. According to Statista the estimated value of the IoT will reach $9 trillion by 2020. Much of this market share could be captured by IoT start-up companies located all around the world. The IoT is a a disruptive force. As such, it would only stand to reason that start-ups, which are more agile and nimble in nature, would be best poised to respond to disruptive market forces. This is why at IoT Sources we recently introduced our Start-up Minute” feature, which spotlights emerging start-ups that can make an impact. The following article identifies six IoT start-ups to keep an eye on.

The Internet of Things or IoT is set to be the next revolution in the technology space. IoT is simply about connecting objects via the internet. As simple as it may seem, most believe that this will have a disrupting effect in the world. While the number of IoT startups are about 3000 as per a ReadWrite article, the number as per stands at about 4500. These numbers alone prove the disruptive potential IoT is believed to have.

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