Last week a provider of cloud-based after-sales service solutions, Syncron, released research results from a study titled “Maximized Product Uptime: The Emerging Industry Standard’.  The study supports the notion that most manufacturers are on the precipice of investing in predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. The study, which was done in conjunction with Worldwide Business Research (WBR), polled some 300 decision makers from both OEM and end user organizations. They determined that this acceleration of technology adoption is being driven by customer demands for the manufacturer’s ability to guarantee delivery of equipment and device uptime. What is most interesting here is that what might be emerging is a new role and responsibility for manufacturers. In essence, they are selling and guaranteeing the performance of their “products as a service”, as opposed to simply selling the product itself. The following article provides more depth on the research and a good infographic as well.

OEMs, once limited to managing after-service for their equipment to a break fix model, are hopeful that artificial intelligence (AI) Manufacturers are moving in a new direction, throwing away the reactive model in favor of one that is proactive and focuses on maximizing machinery uptime.

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