As a point of reference, this is a POV post I wrote in February 2019 : “I have been saying for awhile that at some point, I fully expect that the term “Internet of Things” will simply fade away. The reason for this thinking is that the IoT will soon be imbued in everything we touch – and everything that touches us. Devices are becoming smarter by the day, and as a result they are making more and more decisions on our behalf. In an original post I authored recently that was published on IoT Times, I explained why this impending event is important for vendors and suppliers of connected systems to recognize, and how they should think about going to market with their IoT solutions in light of this.” I find it interesting that two years later this notion just might be coming to pass.

“Today, I booted up, jacked in and went surfing on the information superhighway” is a phrase you probably haven’t heard for at least the last two decades in an unironic manner. The information superhighway — once the term to describe our digital, large-scale communications networks — feels so antiquated I can hear the haunting screech of an ancient 33.6k modem wailing as I write this. 

In the technology hype cycle, the “trough of disillusionment” represents the point at which there are a number of high-profile failures (Juicero and numerous smart kettle disasters come to mind), and at the “plateau of productivity,” genuinely useful and exciting things that improve how we control our homes, workplaces, and factories emerge and are adopted.

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