We’re very familiar with smart cities, smart buildings and smart cars. But have you ever heard about smart buoys? New IoT enabled boys can now monitor algae conditions and detect when algae production is at actionable levels. Treatment can then be applied before a bloom for preventive maintenance. The buoys are equipped with an onboard solar energy plant with battery storage for full communications. The article below provides all the details of some real world use cases and implementations.  

Add ponds, lakes and reservoirs to the list of “things” on the internet of things—or at least that’s what one Dutch company is starting to do to help keep waters clean.

After several years of testing, trials and a few installations in the U.S., LG Sonic, Zoetermeers, The Netherlands, has opened an office in Scranton, Pa., and is developing its business selling an algae control system that relies on ultrasound-emitting buoys linked by mobile broadband connection to the internet and a monitoring and management system in Holland. The service uses data from the buoys to monitor water quality every 10 minutes and identify the algae organisms present so the sound waves emitted can be tuned to attack the specific types of algae that needs to be controlled.

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