I posted an article back in May about one way that researchers and analysts could predict the successful return of the U.S. economy after the pandemic begins to pass. With the help of Geotab and their IoT-based fleet tracking tools, we have been getting a better view of the goods moving through our nation’s highways. This newest story provides more details about how COVID-19 has affected different types of shipments like groceries and consumer products. Best yet, is we can expect this live data to be of great use to businesses, educational institutions and governments as they try to re-open.

The trucking industry has changed dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis, and thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), we can now almost seamlessly track the global and trade activity of commercial transportation, as well as the overall rate at which commercial vehicles are being used. This relatively seamless tracking is made possible by the IoT devices attached to vehicles that track where they go and how often they’re traveling.

“We are able to do commercial truck fleet analyses from different perspectives,” said Mike Branch, vice president of data and analytics for Geotab, which provides fleet management solutions. Geotab’s cloud-based analytics analyze classes of vehicles, the industries they are deployed in, commercial transportation between and within counties, and frequency of travel.

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