Recently, the Linux Foundation announced that their Zephyr Project would be offering its first long-term support release with version 1.14. The Zephyr Project is an open-source, real-time operating system designed specifically for the IoT. This project will provide IoT developers with an extensive range of support for devices, standards, and architecture. This support will include APIs that will enable IoT development flexibility. This LTS release is important as the Zephyr Project has committed to maintaining this present release in its current form through at least the year 2021.

The Zephyr™ Project, an open source project at the Linux Foundation that aims to build a secure and flexible real-time operating system (RTOS) for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a technical milestone with the first Long Term Support (LTS) release. The Zephyr 1.14 LTS release, which has been developed by the diverse Zephyr community of almost 500 contributors, will offer vendors a customizable operating system that supports product longevity, security and interoperability.

In today’s technology landscape, developers have a plethora of choices for platforms, boards and other components. They are challenged to create secure products that integrate with other proprietary and legacy solutions. With the Zephyr LTS, developers aren’t locked into a particular architecture, back-end platform or cloud provider and will have the freedom to choose from an ecosystem of hardware.

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