While Artificial Intelligence catching on like wildfire in every segment of business and industry, there is one critical area outside the business world that has not been overlooked by the U.S. government. With AI bringing ethical and national security issues to the table, one new rule has been adopted with the purpose of keeping sensitive software out of the hands of adversaries. This new rule applies to exports of AI-based software that powers things like drones, sensors, satellites and pretty much anything that could automate the process of identifying a target. The piece below explains more about the administration’s intentions and their plans to help enlist international support for the regulation.

The Trump administration is attempting to make it more difficult for export of certain types of sensitive artificial intelligence (AI) software. The new rule went into effect on January 6, 2020, and governs certain types of geospatial imagery software.

Companies will have to apply for a license to export this technology across US borders and overseas (with the exception of Canada). The administration is hoping to curb software that has the potential to aid foreign military operations in their own quest for bigger, better AI.

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