Verizon’s most recent survey says that the IoT is making way for the enterprise in 2017.  At this same time, the study suggests that this is all happening at a slower than expected pace.  Those of us who have been in the technology industry for any length of time know that adoption always lags behind innovation.  The good news is that every technology cycle has seen its share of innovator and early adopter types.  This applies to both people and organizations as well.  There are many use cases already in place in the IoT space, which is a testament to the ability of the innovator and early adopter crowd to execute successfully.  It is apparent that Verizon is putting its chips behind a big bet that measurable adoption will occur sooner rather than later, based upon the “market-maker” approach they take with their report.  

In our view, 2016 was the year IoT gained signi cant momentum in the enterprise. In 2017, it is clear there is no turning back. Businesses are laser-focused on IoT as an enabler of sustainability, safety and economic growth—
with 73% of executives either researching or currently deploying IoT, according to a survey of industry executives commissioned by Verizon.

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