At Mobile World Congress this week, IoT technologies will take the center stage.  While MWC has been known previously for new and cutting edge mobile device technology, digital transformation powered by IoT will be a core theme that will grab a lot of the attention this year. Subjects will traverse everything from management of intelligent end points, to edge computing, to 5G capabilities that are available today.  From what we can see from the MWC agenda, there will be significant coverage of IoT applications that can empower smarter sensor utilization.  There is much mentioned about “connected intelligence”, and we suspect this will be a central theme.  My former colleague, Larry Dignan, discusses key IoT areas he is watching closely at MWC with the goal of separating the hype from reality.

Mobile World Congress used to be the place where the latest greatest smartphones were unveiled. Today, MWC is all about business and enabling next-gen networks, platforms and sensors designed to make everything smart.

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