We often hear about other’s concerns that technology is taking jobs away from workers.  The fact is, history has proven that innovation often displaces the need for manual operation through automation.  This has always been the impetus for workers to modernize their their skill sets and learn to adapt to new methods of operations.  While the IoT closes the door on some functional responsibilities, it opens up a plethora of new doors for those of us willing to to reboot and retool our skills.       


The Internet of Things will displace workers, but open new opportunities for those who make IoT automation possible.

A recent survey of the developer landscape finds the number working on Internet of Things applications has increased 34 percent since last year to just over 6.2 million. The survey, from Evans Data, adds that the increase of development for mobile devices, up 14 percent since last year, has led to smartphones being the most commonly connected IoT platform.

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