Tuya Smart and Gartner recently released the “2021 Global AIoT Developer Ecosystem White Paper” . Their 2021 Global AI+IoT Developers Ecosystem White Paper predicts that “IoT, industrial internet and new infrastructure of ToB industry will be implemented on a large scale in this coming year.  As the ToC consumer market gradually went to saturation, technologies that would help the manufacturing, industry and vertical industries to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency would be more favored by enterprises and capital markets.”

On December 29, 2020, Tuya Smart and Gartner jointly released the “2021 Global AIoT Developer Ecosystem White Paper” with the witness and presence of Eva Na, CMO of Tuya Smart and Guo Lei, China Vice President of Gartner.

Combined with industry experts’ insights and in-depth interviews, this white paper represents 35 international enterprises across 15 industries, explores the intelligent transformation and upgrading experience of leading brands in different industries, from macro to micro, from theory to practice, and analyzes the AIoT industry in four areas: current situation, practices, challenges and prospect. It highlights the benefits of a clear development path for AIoT developers in the future.

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