Whether you are already pretty far along in the IoT space, or just at the starting point of dipping a toe into the IoT, a platform-based solution is an approach to definitely consider. The reason for this is that IoT platforms provide an array of benefits and cost savings that one-off IoT products and solutions cannot. By leveraging the power of an IoT platform-based solution, all the elements from sensors, to gateways, to software to connectivity, are delivered seamlessly in one neat package. The article below is a great primer on how an IoT platform works, and why it makes sense no matter where you are in the deployment process to seriously consider one. 

The more data points you are measuring and processing, the more complex your system becomes. The key to simplification is integration, and the far more effective approach to IoT deployment is to build your network as a scalable, flexible platform.

Across organizations in all verticals — from mining companies to municipalities, appliance makers to automotive manufacturers — the Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the way companies design, build, and iterate on their products and services. With the explosion of data generated by connected devices, organizations of all sizes are able to make smarter decisions, faster. Behind the scenes, however, is a complex infrastructure driving this new connected world — and in the vast ocean of IoT, how you structure this foundation can mean the difference between sinking and swimming.

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