Microsoft is claiming that the Internet of Things is getting a boost with its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  They have announced an array of new capabilities built into the update especially geared toward the developer crowd.  These new capabilities have been created to help accelerate facilitation of new product ideas for cloud-connected devices.  Additionally, this update supports the ability to transform existing product lines to enable more intelligence at the edge.  According to Microsoft, Windows 10 IoT addresses some of the most challenging aspects of IoT projects by bringing together all the pieces and technologies needed to build a full solution.  They state that these new Windows 10 IoT features will enable developers to increase their productivity and bring new IoT solutions to market faster.  What appears to be one of the the most compelling features that Microsoft announced is their Device Management Client support for Windows 10 IoT editions.  This feature enables management via cloud infrastructures and works with the Azure IoT Hub and their Configuration Service Provider infrastructure.  This could open the door for IoT solution and service providers to offer new services in a number of different areas.

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