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Nube iO

Nube iO is an IoT technology company with a focus on developing IoT solutions for the built environment. Our core business goal is to produce a set of technologies which make Building Automation faster, easier, and cheaper. We foresee a world where automation and built environment systems are fast, affordable…


2lementry (Amazon Web Services)

2lemetry is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company, and a provider to specialize in a software-based approach with an open enablement platform. Building on the power of the ThingFabric IoT Platform, 2lemetry offers IoT solutions to help companies jumpstart innovation. The 2lemetry platform is truly protocol and hardware agnostic,…

3D Hubs

3D Hubs is world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. By connecting everyone to nearby 3D Printer owners, 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of local and on-demand production. Year founded: 2013

3D Robotics

3DR makes advanced drone technology easily accessible to consumers for everyday exploration, as well as for business applications in data analysis, mapping, 3D modeling and more for agriculture, construction, infrastructure and ecological study.

3D Systems

3D Systems provides advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions, including 3D printers, print materials and cloud-sourced custom-designed parts. Their comprehensive range of 3D printers is the industry’s benchmark for production-grade manufacturing in aerospace, automotive, patient specific medical device and a variety of accessories. Year founded: 1986 NYSE:…

3M Company

Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, all while contributing to global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility and economic progress. Its solutions include energy management, traffic optimization, enhanced worker safety, robust infrastructure and increased security for individuals and communities. Combining available digital technology…

3scale (Red Hat)

3scale was founded in 2007 because they believed the world would become web enabled, and that APIs would be required. That guess has proven correct on both counts. 3scale now power APIs for more than 500 organizations of all sizes across many industries. And still, they think this transformation is…


3Shape develops 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental and audio industries. Our technology is changing the way health professionals diagnose and care for people. So much so that we’ve been named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young three times, not to mention receiving numerous other…


6WIND is the only commercial supplier of packet processing software for networking and telecom platforms. Two-thirds of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment suppliers use the company’s 6WINDGate software to maximize the packet processing performance of their systems. With optimized support for multicore platforms, 6WINDGate allows system developers to focus their…


75F’s predictive, low-cost solution solves comfort and energy issues in light commercial buildings and increases your bottom line through easy-to-use technology.


Established in 2012, 99Cloud Inc. is China’s leading professional OpenStack service provider dedicated to fill in the last kilometer for enterprises OpenStack adoption, bringing Google-like datacenter technology to China.

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