The ability to track, trace, monitor and respond to events would make managing the global supply chain much easier. arviem has everything to make the daily business easier and future operations more efficient.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, arviem has grown organically to become the leading service provider for real-time cargo monitoring.

It happens thousands of times each week. It looks like a simple notification, just a moment in time – however the notification goes along with valuable and actionable information preventing the company from delays, damages, loss and other costly problems.

Because of the inefficient and vague control along the supply chain, importers and exporters have to face the following challenges:

– 30% of all shipments are either damaged or delayed,
– 15% of companies‘ logistics costs are either inventory costs or safety costs,
– 30% of all perishable goods never reach the end destination,
– 1 in 5 cargo claims is due to moisture, or
– $60B of stolen cargo worldwide